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Striped Seed Beads Sizes 10 and 11

Striped Seed Beads Sizes 10 and 11

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Czech made Stripe Seed Beads 10/0 and 11/0 are a wonderful addition to your seed bead collection.  They add color and whimsy to all your beaded creations.  They can often give work a tribal feel as well as they are made to look like trade beads.

20g Bag

Material: Glass

Beads per gram: 12 beads (weights vary slightly with color/finish and non uniformity)

Beads per gram 10/0: 80 beads (estimation)

10/0 Size appx: 2.2 mm  10/0 Hole Size appx: .7 mm

Beads per gram 11/0: 110 beads (estimation)

11/0 Size appx: 2.1mm   11/0 Hole Size appx: .6mm

Czech Beads are less uniform than their Japanese counterparts and they run much smaller.

These beads are extremely small and can be used on string or wire only.

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