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Digital purchases and video links will be sent via email within 24 hours of purchase.  Please be sure you have provided the correct email address.

Domestic Shipping is flat rate:

$1-$10 purchase = $6.00 First Class USPS

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$35.00 or more and receive FREE SHIPPING

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International to Canada: $16.00 flat rate

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All other international customers should visit our Etsy Shop:

$50.00 USD minimum for custom international listing on Etsy

Etsy is better able to facilitate international shipping.  They use a private exporter to get it to the country of destination where it is then handled by local postal systems.  Etsy also insures international packages to protect both buyer and seller from lost package handling.  You may contact me at any time to request items available on the website but not on Etsy.  We will be happy to create a custom listing for you.