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Stringing - Black & White 60s Style Necklace

Stringing - Black & White 60s Style Necklace

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I love the styles of the 1960s. The tri beads in this project paired with glass pearls and gold elements definitely have that 60s feel. This necklace has become one of my favorite go to pieces in my wardrobe. I've put together this simple project to get you started bead stringing.  The instructions are provided here via video and all supplies except for tools, bead wire and crimp beads are provided in the kit.

Supplies Included:

135 Tri Beads Black

10 Pearl Beads 12mm White

20 Bead Caps Gold

20 Spacer Beads Gold

6 Seed Beads 8/0 Black

2 Wire Gaurdians Gold

2 Jump Rings 18g 5/32” Gold

1 Hook & Eye Clasp Gold

You will need: 1 Pair of Crimping Pliers, 1 Pair of small Wire Cutters, 2 Pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers, 19 Strand Beadalon—Gold preferred, 2 Crimp Beads appropriate for Beadalon


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