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Metallic Rainbow Seed Bead Sampler Set size 8/0

Metallic Rainbow Seed Bead Sampler Set size 8/0

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10 Gram packages of each color

Set includes 9 colors - package of 90 total grams

Hot Pink - Miyuki
Light Cranberry - Miyuki Duracoat
Pink Blush - Miyuki Duracoat(this color is orange-the name is misleading)
Zest - Miyuki Duracoat (yellow)
Dark Mint Green - Miyuki Duracoat
Dark Seafoam - Miyuki Duracoat
Turkish Blue - Toho Permafinish
Violet - Toho Permafinish
Eggplant - Miyuki Duracoat

If you love making rainbows, this set of high quality Miyuki Duracoat seed beads & Toho Permafinish will make this process much simpler. All of these beads are galvanized but the suppliers goes further with the coating to make the color and finish last longer. This is what the names Duracoat & Permafinish express.

High quality glass beads with consistent hole sizes. These will work well with Chainmaille.

This size is also used in woven seed bead projects that use string such as Fireline, embroidery thread and waxed linen.
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