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8.3mm O-Rings (ID: 5.1mm) - choose color & quantity

8.3mm O-Rings (ID: 5.1mm) - choose color & quantity

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Pkg of 40 or Pgk of 240

Outer Diameter 8.3mm x Inner Diameter 5.1mm x Thickness 1.6mm

AR: 3.19

This is a trial size.  It is only available in 2 colors currently.

For Chainmaille: Works most often with 16g 3/16" jump rings or with other jump rings of similar size.  The Aspect Ratio combinations for this O-Ring will range from 3.1 to 4.4 depending on the Jump Ring Sizes that you choose to work in combination with this O-Ring.  

For leather: This size fits 6mm to 8mm leather.  This could also mean 2 strands of 3.5mm leather or any combination in this range.

Other uses: These can be used as stitch markers for Knitting & Crochet and can also be used for Macrame.  EPDM O-Rings were developed to form a waterproof seal.  They can be used with LED lights to form a waterproof seal between the bulb and hardware.  These have also been used for body piercings that often require a stopper of this sort, tattoo equipment, paint guns, bicycle & Industrial parts.  Use to fit over items that are 6mm to 8mm in diameter.  All O-Rings are considered gaskets or waterproof seals.  They have many uses.

Sizing: The ID or Inner Diameter is the size of the hole.  Generally, choose an inner diameter slightly smaller than you require.  The rubber will stretch to fit over items and form a strong seal or hold items in place.

The below table shows the AR average of a jump ring combined with this O-Ring size  

O-Ring Size AR Average AR
8.3mm O-Ring 3.2
Jump Rings
19g 3/16" 5 4.1
18g 3/16" 4.2 3.7
16g 3/16" 3.1 3.1
18g 7/32" 4.8 4
16g 7/32" 3.6 3.4
18g 1/4" 5.6 4.4
16g 1/4" 4.1 3.7
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