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6.5mm Rubber O-Rings (ID: 3.5mm) - choose color

6.5mm Rubber O-Rings (ID: 3.5mm) - choose color

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Pkg of 50 or Pkg of 300

Outer Diameter: 6.5mm  Inner Diameter: 3.5mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Aspect Ratio: 2.3

Material: EPDM Rubber (latex free)

For Chainmaille: Works well with 18g 5/32" Jump Rings and other Jump Rings of similar size.  This O-Ring was made to work with weaves that require a higher AR than our fatter 6mm & 7.25mm O-Rings.  However, this ring is not skinny.  With a 1.5mm thickness you will find it durable and very useable in weaves that don't require doubled rings.  This will work in AR ranges of 2.3 to 4.275 depending on the Jump Ring size you choose to pair them with.

For leather: This size fits 4mm-5mm Leather.  These rings are durable and will hold beads in place well.

Other uses: All O-Rings work as gaskets or waterproof seals.  These would fit best over something around 4mm to 5mm.  These will work with body piercings and plugs or fit over leather and cording that is more than 4mm thick.  

Sizing: The ID or Inner Diameter is the size of the hole.  Generally, choose an inner diameter slightly smaller than the O-Ring needs to fit around.  The rubber will stretch to fit over items and form a strong seal or hold items in place.  

The below table shows the AR average of a jump ring combined with this O-Ring size

O-Ring Size AR Average AR
6.5mm O-Ring 2.3
Jump Rings
20g 1/8" 4.1 3.2
20g 5/32" 5.1 3.7
19g 9/64" 3.7 3
19g 5/32" 4.1 3.2
18g 5/32" 3.4 2.9
20g 3/16" 6.25 4.3
19g 3/16" 5 3.7
18g 3/16" 4.2 3.2
16g 3/16" 3 2.7
18g 7/32" 4.8 3.6


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