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Miyuki Duracoat and Toho Permafinish 8/0

Miyuki Duracoat and Toho Permafinish 8/0

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20 gram Package for most colors - plated beads, gunmetal and higher metallic grape are not Duracoat or Permafinish

10g Package Sterling Silver, Copper Plated & Nickel Iris 

All of our beads are packaged in small baggies.

Material: Glass with metallic finish

Beads per gram: 38 beads per gram (approximate-weight can vary by brand and finish)

Size appx: 3mm

Hole Size appx: 1.1mm

All of our size 8/0 metallic colors in one place.  Metallics work especially well with Chainmaille and these are the best in brand colors of Japanese seed beads.  Duracoat and Permafinish are made to be more durable.  That said, all bead finishes are subject to wear over time.  Treat beads with Renaissance Wax for additional protection.  If you use Sterling Silver Plated Beads extra protection is a necessity in order to avoid tarnishing.

Please note that I did not name these colors.  Some colors such as Pink Blush, Berry and Dark Berry do not describe the colors well.  All of these 3 colors are shades of orange metallic.   Dark Coral and Dark Mint Green are not dark colors.  Please feel free to ask if you have any question about what a color actually looks like.

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