Where it all started and where I am today

Where it all started and where I am today

When starting a business, it's important to fill a niche in the marketplace that is not being filled.  If you are simply doing things that others have already done there is not much point to it.  Back in 2009, I started having rubber orings custom made.  At that time, I recognized that these little rubber rings were neat but there were not any good colors available on the market.  Furthermore, the quality of the orings you could buy at that time was terrible.  You never knew what color would arrive when you ordered.

12mm Orings Earthy Mix

Once I began having the rings made, the next challenge was color.  If the color wasn't just the right shade, you couldn't send them back.  It took years and years of trial and error to get the colors just right.  I also went through a quality upgrade around 2012 to a higher quality rubber that would last longer and be more equipped to handle air pollution.  

Back in 2011 or 2012 I walked into an AC Moore craft store and right in front of me were exact copies of the rubber orings that I was having made.  It wasn't that they were orings, it was that this company had obviously purchased my orings and had exact knockoffs made.  As I approached the rings more closely, I realized that these orings were made of cheap materials.  Also, they were selling this cheap stuff for the same price that I sold mine for.  I knew this would never work and slowly, these items have disappeared from the craft stores.

As I have maintained a quality product through the years my business has grown.  More orings sizes have been added to accommodate markets I didn't even know were out there.  Today, I took a look at the Sundance Catalog which is always a fabulous source of inspiration for high quality jewelry and there they were...

Sundance World Beat Bracelet

Generally 10mm or 12mm Rubber Orings are used with Regaliz leather.

Striped Seed Beads are also available from our shop.

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