Shaggy Feather Boa Bracelet & Earrings

Shaggy Feather Boa Bracelet & Earrings

Here is another project that combines chainmaille and Shrinkets (shrinky dinks).  Once you learn to make a basic weave, shouldn't you jazz it up with some custom additions?  We think so.  In this video, you will learn to make a Shaggy Loop Bracelet with Shrinket Feather Fans added in to give the piece more movement and flair.

Supplies for Bracelet: based on size medium (6 1/2" wrist)

154 Jump Rings SQUARE 18g 3/16" - Gold

22 EPDM Rubber Orings 7.25mm - Cupcake Pink

132 Jump Rings SQUARE 18g 3/16" - Rose Pink

88 Jump Rings 18g 3/16" - Light Pink

1 Sheet of Frosted Shrink Plastic



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Thank you Mary for this awesome video. Ready to get to work now And create !
Love your idea of adding the shrink plastic to your stretchy bracelets.

Debbie Shipley

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