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Medo Persian Stretch Bracelet

Cross Hatch Bracelet

Chain Maille 4 in 1 with Pewter Rings

Shaggy Loop Chain with Pewter Rings

Unit Bracelet

Butterfly Stretch Bracelet

X-Tail Bracelet

Half Persian Bracelet

Byzantine Stretch Bracelet


 4 in 1

6 in 1 Bracelet

Vertebrae Stretch Bracelet

European 4 in 1 King's Maille Variation

Shenanigan's Stretch Bracelet

Bangle Bracelet

Unbalanced 4 in 1 Bracelet

Foxtail Bracelet

Foxy Byziness

Double Helm Weave Mod Variation

Helm Weave Bracelet

Mini dimensional Flower

Polka Dot Bracelet

Bohemian Weave Bracelet

Brick Layer Weave

Center Spine Bracelet

Stretchy Shaggy Loop Chain

GSG Weave Bracelet

Sidewinder Weave Bracelet

Hammered Disk Bracelet Helm Variation

Spike Bead Bracelet

Lattice Weave

Helm Weave Wave Variation

Helm Weave Flower Variation

Square Washer Bracelet

Diagonal Rope Chain

Dimensional Flower Chain Maille Bracelet

Bicone Weave Bracelet

Ornate Butterfly Stretch Bracelet

Triflower Bracelet

Squiggle Chain Links

All Locked Up

Scaled European 4 in 1

 Dimensional  Flower Bracelet

Oriental Flower Bracelet

Parallel Lines Bracelet

Lacy Geometric Bracelet

Turkish Round Bracelet

European Bias Bracelet

Single Row

European 4 in 1

Box Chain Bracelet

Double Rosette Bracelet

Squiggle Chain Bracelet

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